Hello, it's me

“Hello it’s me, this is my Story”.

I’ve been visiting at Saint Teresa of Senior Apartment in my neighborhood, crown heights, in Brooklyn since begging of July 2015 and still going there once a week. As a part of Engaging Artists Residency, I had been taking photographs of their activity classes, their art works and some portraits of them as my volunteer work for EA, and through this experience, I made great friendship with some seniors, even after volunteer work was over I’ve been still hanging out with them. Most of residents at this apartment, know me and I started to feel so comfortable being there. So finally couple of my friends agreed to participate in my project called “Hello it’s me, this is my Story”.

This is a collaboration project with Immigrant/Minority seniors. I’ve been taking portraits of them. They chose their style, and seemed to enjoy taking photographs. I asked one good story about themselves as well as their family information. I think, it gives them a chance to remind their personal memories and it’s great to pass the information to their family members, to learn their roots through this project.

Myself, I have been very regretful that I did not ask to my grandparents about my family stories. In NYC, we have a variety of mixed race, nationality. It would be interesting to hear all stories from them. I’ve been audio recording of participant’s stories and taking portraits. At the end, I will create an installation with those images and audio setting that audience can hear participant’s real voice from the headphone right next to their portraits.