• The Bed-Stuy Social ‘Photo’ Club (07/28/2018)

    The Bed-Stuy Social ‘Photo’ Club (07/28/2018)

    On July 28th (3-5pm ish), I’ll have my art project called “The Bed-Stuy Social ‘Photo’ Club”. It’s a free portrait studio for Bed-Stuy residents (get 1 free digital image by me). @ frontyard 146 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn. It’s mainly open for Bedstuy residents, but also..... ANYONE (not only Bed-Stuy residents) is welcome! Dress up and come join us. PS. That would be great if you could pass this post to your friends who living in Bed-Stuy 

    Information about The BED-STUY Social 'Photo' Club: