Broken Carnival:

A Collaboration with a musican Chuck Bettis (


Another Dream #1:

When I was a little kid in Japan, I loved to watch Old American TV shows and movies. Especially I was attracted by 50’s and early 60’s cultures, the time that everybody was dressed in bright clothes, all of the things were extremely colorful and it filled me with happy feelings. Red, Peppermint Green, Vanilla-Yellow, Pink and Sky Blue became my favorite colors. .

My parents often took my sister and me to all fun places. I grew up in the suburb, going to the Amusement Parks, Circus from Russia and Poland was like a trip to Foreign Countries for me. When I see those family photographs that my mother took at various places, it brings me back to the old time, with nostalgic feelings.

I moved to New York, found my Dreamland.


Another Dream #2: